Update Mid Century Modern Drawer Pulls

Mid century modern drawer pulls – Most people go in search of old hardware for two reasons: to replace an existing item on a piece of antique furniture, or to change the look of a piece of modern furniture. Replacing existing hardware with hardware antiques. Many people actually prefer antique hardware because of the materials […]


Danish mid century modern furniture was originally developed in the mid 20th century. Mid-century modern style developed around this time through the architecture, graphic design, and furniture design. There are several different styles in this movement that has become widely recognized. The style is mostly related to modern design modern Denmark and Scandinavia. The culmination […]

Mid Century Interiors with Fireplace

Mid century modern interiors-Decorate your home with a modern style for a clean, sophisticated look. Use a minimalist approach by selecting streamlined furniture and decor items. Stick with a stylish neutral palette when painting walls and picking decorative textiles, such as blankets and curtains. Add unexpected pop of color to liven up the white, gray […]

Simple Mid Century Modern Light Fixtures

Mid century modern light fixtures – Luminaries are an important design element of any room in your house. A good lighting does more than simply illuminate a room. Luminaries set the mood or tone of a room and are part of its construction systems. The design of the fixture, the light it produces and its […]

Ideas Mid Century Modern Bathroom Vanity

Mid century modern bathroom vanity – A modern bathroom vanity can have a sleek and modern look that is incomparable bathroom vanities have a very important place in the bathroom design. A nice looking modern vanity can lift the overall outlook for your bathroom, you can install a modern bathroom vanity yourself, with careful planning […]

Mid Century Modern Front Doors Paint

Mid century modern front doors – Pocket doors is one kinds of mid century modern front doors. Once a common feature in many homes, pocket doors disappeared during the mid-20th century. However, pocket door making a comeback. These interesting front doors replace swing doors in newly built homes often. There are some basic steps for […]

Unique Mid Century Modern Crib

Mid century modern crib – Crib bedding is an important detail for a baby’s nursery. The type of bedding chosen should match the overall theme and decor of the room. Solid colors are ideal for a common theme. But if you are decorating with cartoons or teddy bears, you can also find crib bedding with […]


Mid century modern mailbox – Mailboxes did not die even if the world has reached the digital age. Sure, there is electronic mail today but posting in the paper do not pass their place in the front yard. Mailbox was still standing in front of most houses in the west yard. As the world gets […]


Mid century modern dining chair – There are many types of furniture and designs that you can always get to equip your home at a certain time. You can go for the classic kind that owes their designs to medieval Europe at the time of the design of furniture is the core objective of carpenters […]

Mid Century Modern Shower Curtains

Mid century modern curtains-Whether you are remodeling your entire dining room are just looking for a bit drab, the modern curtains you choose for your dining room make or break the look of the room. Choosing curtains to match the feeling you are trying to achieve. Mid century modern curtains tend to see their place […]