Mid Century Modern Wall Clock Clock

Mid century modern wall clock – For better or for worse, most of us are conditioned by the hour, by the passage of time. That is why having a watch on hand is fundamental in our day to day life. Today we bring you some interesting suggestions to decorate your home with modern wall clocks. […]

Wood Mid Century Modern Bench

Mid century modern bench – Give your vanity bench or bench in the hall, hallway or kitchen a touch of comfort with trim. A plain wooden bench is more decorative when it has a colorful dress covers, and you and your family will appreciate having a softer place to settle down for a moment or […]

Wood Mid Century Modern Bed Frame

Mid century modern bed frame – Mid-century modern design aesthetic was developed back in the 1930s, but is more closely associated with urban planning and architecture of the 1950s and 1960s. Mid-Century Modern design celebrates the simplicity and minimalism by creating cohesive areas with seamlessly integrated elements from floor to ceiling. Bed ends need not […]

Mid Century Modern Ottoman

Mid century modern ottoman – It is a mid-century armchair and ottoman made of high quality materials including chrome legs, rosewood bent frame and leather upholstery. It is a real beauty, but we have no idea who made or designed it … It is clear that is not lounge chair Charles and Ray Eames. Maybe […]

Mid Century Modern Desk Chair Wood

Mid century modern desk chair-Shopping for office chairs and desk chairs is a tasking activity. Even the chairs may look similar; each chair has a different feeling when you sit in it. The key to picking the right chair is to find one that feels comfortable and is suitable for the task. Choose a mid […]

Unforgettable Mid Century Modern Buffet

Mid century modern buffet – Starting with insert two 1 x 3-inch furring strips between each pair of cabinets, one front and one behind. Drill pilot holes through the cabinet, furring strips and the second chassis. Insert three screws holding the cabinet together. Carve 2:01 x 3-inch furring strips to fit along the front outside […]

Vintage Mid Century Modern Armchair

How To Buy Vintage Mid Century Modern Armchair – Mid century modern furniture design emerged post World War II and continued its development until the mid 1960s. During this period, many ground-breaking furniture pieces were designed by forward-thinking designers such as Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen, George Nelson and so forth. Mid century modern furniture design […]

Unique Gas Fireplace Pilot Light

Gas fireplace pilot light – Prior to prolonged absence or perform repairs, turn off one appliance pilot lights and gas supply. Switching off the pilot light on a gas fireplace requires no special tools or materials. Even better, find and operate a gas fireplace pilot lights and shut-off valve is not only easy, but it […]

Trditional Fireplace Hearth Stone

How To Repair Fireplace Hearth Stone – It is dangerous to use the fireplace with hearth in disrepair, it does not do anything to make the home look aesthetically rich over time, stone fireplace hearth to be chipped, cracked, discolored and stained replacement of the whole core can cost a lot of money, especially when […]

Unique Fireplace Gas Inserts

Fireplace gas inserts – To connect a gas fireplace insert one gas line, you must first install the gas fireplace insert in the wall or fireplace enclosure. When the gas fireplace insert is installed, you can then begin the process of connecting the gas supply line to the fireplace insert. You can hire a plumber […]