Replacing Gas Fireplace Thermocouple

Awesome Gas Fireplace Thermocouple

Awesome Gas Fireplace Thermocouple

Replacing Gas Fireplace Thermocouple – A thermocouple gas fireplace is a flame failure device. If the pilot goes out, the thermocouple the gas shutoff valve automatically closes. This turns off the burner immediately, preventing the escape of raw gas in the living room. The thermocouple probe contains two electrodes made ​​of different metals. When heated by the pilot light, these bimetallic electrodes flex the other and are contacted. Sensitive bimetal strips rust and wear out over time, and when this happens, replacing the thermocouple is quite simple.

Lift the artificial logs from your fireplace to access the burner unit. Locate the gas fireplace thermocouple attached to the metal plate on the right rear of the tubular burner fireplace. The thermocouple is a thin rod with a tip protruding into the path of the pilot flame. There are two cables connected to the terminals on the back of the thermocouple. Turn the valve closing flue gas in the “off” position. Leave at least 1/2 hour for the burner and the thermocouple to cool. Mark the exact position of the thermocouple retaining clip holds the thermocouple to the metal plate behind the burner tube. Take a snapshot of the mechanism with a camera phone or digital camera to record the angle thermocouple enters the pilot flame.

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Slide the gas fireplace thermocouple retaining clip plate plane. Make a mental note of the orientation of the two electrical wires connected to the terminals. Disconnect the terminals with a wrench or screwdriver, whichever is applicable. Hyssop terminals at the end of cables with a clean cloth dampened with denatured alcohol. Connect the wires to the terminals spare thermocouple the same way they were disconnected. Tighten the screws secure grip. Slide the new thermocouple retaining clip back into the burner plate and align it with the mark made ​​earlier. Consult your capture and adjust the angle at which the thermocouple probe enters the pilot turning on its axis thermocouple assembly. Replace the artificial logs. Turn the gas supply valve again and relight the pilot flame. Wait 15 minutes for the thermocouple hot. Turn the fireplace to complete the installation.

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