Rustic Farmhouse Style Sink


Farmhouse style sink – In many modern houses we can see elements of country houses and farms, as these kitchen sinks of rustic inspiration, more typical of Provencal style. The trend is to create rooms with a classic rural feel, perfect for those who like to have your kitchen as a place of culinary and stylistic inspiration. We have taken as sample sinks stone, marble and ceramics; in them much of the charm of the old kitchens resides. Sinks rustic conform very well to modern environments and are very suitable for those who want to imitate urban kitchens style kitchen of a house.

The farmhouse style sink decor, you can surround these sinks of small herbs and vegetables such as garlic or onions. So the kitchen will become a real rustic place, with all the appeal of ancient sites, where the day passed between stoves and cauldrons.

Due to the materials of which they are made, you must exercise extreme hygiene and cleanliness of these sinks, as the stone, for example, absorbs much moisture. Farmhouse style sink made of ceramic, although they are more aseptic, are unique in that its surface is more sensitive to the impacts of the dishes.

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