Start to a Fireplace Wood Holder in Mobile Home

Simple Fireplace Wood Holder

Simple Fireplace Wood Holder

Fireplace wood holder – In many cases requires fireplace built into a mobile home using wood to burn and not natural gas or propane. Start a fire in a fireplace takes practice and to do it properly you need to learn the right technique. Do not get frustrated if your first few fires takes a while to start.

Remove all ash back into the fireplace from the previous burning with a shovel and a metal bucket. Wet ash with water to make sure you cool down any hot embers. Put a fireplace grate or andiron in the middle of the fireplace wood holder. This keeps the wood from the floor of the fireplace and promotes oxygen flow under and around the tree. This helps to maintain a fire burning. If you do not have a grill or andiron, stacking wood in a way that allows oxygen to flow through the woods.

Crumple up a few pieces of white paper and place the white paper under the grill or on the floor of the fireplace. Place a layer of kindling on top of paper or above the grate. Kindling is small wooden sticks or twigs. If possible, set up a teepee with kindling in order to increase the air flow. The paper with a lighter and wait for the kindling to ignite. Adding kindling as necessary until you can maintain a roaring fire. Place two or three small logs for the fire. Space them out so they do not smother the fire. When the fireplace wood holder when the normal operating temperature, you can add larger pieces of wood.Copper wood holder,

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Fireplace kindling holder,

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