Traditional Stone Fireplace Surround

Stone fireplace surround – The stone veneer is applied over wood fireplace surround also to other fireplace finishes such as tiles. There are many different styles of stone veneer, ranging from boulders to cobble something that looks like blue stone or slate. Base your choice of veneer on the overall design of the room. A […]

Warm Stone Fireplace Designs

Stone fireplace designs – it can set the mood rooms and influence the style of furniture you choose for the room. There are many types of stones available for use in building your fireplace. Natural stone is the most popular choice as the leader radiant heat, but the technology allows grown stone for a good […]

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stacked stone fireplace – Many times a fireplace is the centerpiece of a living room, regardless of size, and can be worn in any shape, size, style and any material. In addition, a fireplace, especially those made ​​of stone, can be more than just a decorative part of the house may be the crucial part […]

Stone Veneer Fireplace Wall

Stone Veneer Fireplace – Fireplaces add warmth to your home and a touch of elegance to the room. However that does not always reflect your personal style. You can fix it with a stone veneer fireplace.Fireplaces is not only provide heat for the room, but also an architectural element in the room that must be […]

Austin Stone Fireplace Surround

Austin stone fireplace – A fireplace is meant to be the centerpiece of your living space, the heart of your home. Sometimes, however, the focal point is less impressive and less a factor of more than drama. If your fireplace is a bland, plain or simply not attractive, fast color change can do wonders. The […]