Perfect Mid Century Modern Vanity

Mid century modern vanity – Vanity furniture can be versatile and practical and decorative. Some vanity furniture can be available in sets. This can be a vanity bench or chair and toilet table. A popular materials used for many types of vanity furniture are made of wood. This may include oak, maple or walnut. Often […]

Angular Mid Century Modern Platform Bed

Mid century modern platform bed – The early 20th century design both America and Europe. They incorporated elements that helped lead to the wide range of platform bed styles available today. Minimalism styles and influences in painting. Also sculpture quickly found their way into furniture design. The Asian approach of “less is more when you […]


Mid century modern furniture legs – While selecting furniture hardware for refurnishing your home, it is clear that one can get confused. In addition, home renovation is a costly affair as well, especially if you plan to integrate the new design or style within the interior of the dwelling. But anyway, to save you from […]

Smoldering Mid Century Modern Daybed

Mid century modern daybed – The timeless look of a canopy bed has never gone out of fashion; largely because of the versatility and design evolves into this bed. No matter what type of decorating system that you have imagined for a bedroom dream. You can find a canopy bed to fit the bill. Mid […]

Update Mid Century Modern Drawer Pulls

Mid century modern drawer pulls – Most people go in search of old hardware for two reasons: to replace an existing item on a piece of antique furniture, or to change the look of a piece of modern furniture. Replacing existing hardware with hardware antiques. Many people actually prefer antique hardware because of the materials […]

Mid Century Modern Bar Cabinet Type

Mid century modern bar cabinet – With the amount of tinkering we see every day, anyone can become today a wet bar perhaps using some wooden pallets, or any other object reuse. And, while we love those ideas, there are many people who prefer to buy the specific furniture for each use, without having to […]


Danish mid century modern furniture was originally developed in the mid 20th century. Mid-century modern style developed around this time through the architecture, graphic design, and furniture design. There are several different styles in this movement that has become widely recognized. The style is mostly related to modern design modern Denmark and Scandinavia. The culmination […]

Mid Century Modern Bookshelf Wall

Mid century modern bookshelf – Lately and thanks to my obsession for reading, I am discovering several decorative advantages of accumulating books. One of them is that with a considerable collection of books, these, placed in a certain way decorate the house and another that needs more than a bookstore or shelf to store all […]

Wood Mid Century Modern Bench

Mid century modern bench – Give your vanity bench or bench in the hall, hallway or kitchen a touch of comfort with trim. A plain wooden bench is more decorative when it has a colorful dress covers, and you and your family will appreciate having a softer place to settle down for a moment or […]

Wood Mid Century Modern Bed Frame

Mid century modern bed frame – Mid-century modern design aesthetic was developed back in the 1930s, but is more closely associated with urban planning and architecture of the 1950s and 1960s. Mid-Century Modern design celebrates the simplicity and minimalism by creating cohesive areas with seamlessly integrated elements from floor to ceiling. Bed ends need not […]