Top Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern farmhouse style – Do you know what is rustic modern farmhouse style interior design?  Rustic modern farmhouse style is a mix of modern and contemporary features in a rustic log cabin, elderly or farmhouse style home. The term can also be used to describe the interior design practice used in some modern and contemporary […]

Wooden Farmhouse Kitchen Table Sets

Farmhouse kitchen table sets – farmhouse kitchens are a welcome sight; they have last sense of modern fashion that brings a wave of urban dweller also most serious joy. Unfortunately, concept of this type of cuisine is hidden in countryside, where wide sunlight and breeze light through window cannot be matched by a complex of […]


Bronze farmhouse sink – I really like how remaining bronze applied decoration. This alloy of tin and copper provides a special touch where favorite, but was considered as an element, say, “poor” to always give prominence to gold or silver . But their chances are huge in world of interior design. Great for rustic environments, […]

Unique Antique Farmhouse Decor

Antique farmhouse decor – imagine you wake up one day wanting to change his life and you purchase an old farm in the mountains to remodel and build the house of your dreams. At first, modernize this old house was not exactly simple, there were many challenges ahead and many issues to cover, but with […]

White Farmhouse Sink Vanity

Farmhouse sink vanity – it is a great way to give your kitchen to see the country without having to go through a full remodeling. With a range of features, combined with modern retro style, there are many farm market apron sinks to meet your needs. The next time you decide that it is time […]

White Farmhouse Dining Table Set

Farmhouse dining table set – will have a rough surface for them. A thought is to give the effect of being handmade or personal. You can expect a distressed furniture look to bits. The top is often wood finished with any kind of paint to keep it safely. Mineral oil finish often used for a […]

Unique Farmhouse Sink with Drainboard

Farmhouse sink with drainboard – In our tour of the trends most important in kitchens and countertops we will stop where it is today, according to the manufacturers, the most important work area of the kitchen. In fact, according to their data, 60% of the times we spent in it we do it in the […]

Farmhouse Table Chairs for Kids

Farmhouse table chairs is a kind of rustic style furniture and it is an important part of the lifestyle of the French state. The most common type of table the house is the kitchen table and dining table. Type of equipment is best suited for the type of simple and rural environment. A common characteristic […]

Amazing White Farmhouse Sink

White farmhouse sink – A white farmhouse sink is a popular and best choice for homeowners who prefer a large, open sink. Farmhouse sinks makes it easier to wash such large pots and baking sheets, as well as large quantities of dishes. A farmhouse sink is also a perfect complement to a kitchen designed with […]

Traditional Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse table – Farmhouse table is a fundamental part of American furniture. Farmers had rarely afforded to buy expensive furniture, a farm table built very easily using common tools and materials they had at hand. Almost anyone can build a robust farmhouse table. You can build a similar table with the usual pine logs from […]