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Soapstone farmhouse sink – Soapstone is a soft metamorphic rock that can be cut and shaped easily, so it is suitable for manufacture from sculptures to kitchen sink and countertops.  This model Soapstone of Eggersmann intended to be timeless, individual and durable; key is homogeneity of all surfaces of same material; work surfaces, furniture fronts, sink, front wall socket and form a single block and monotonous soapstone.

Contrast of island with cooking area and small columns with furnaces in white lacquered finish and without handle; give an elegant and striking appearance. For thousands of years, soapstone has been used in Asia for creation of works of art and cooking utensils, dishes, vases, teapots or boxes. Some of most beautiful colors found in soapstone farmhouse sink Asians, including not only various shades of green, white, black and gray, but also dark pink and purple.

Brazilian soapstone is often hot and spicy colors: yellow-gold, candy, brown, yellow-green and green. Many of largest quarries are currently in Brazil, where large blocks can be removed for a variety of applications including sink basins and countertops. For centuries Brazilian cooks have maintained an unbroken tradition of using soapstone farmhouse sink for cooking utensils. They can be used directly over a flame or in an oven, even heat and keep food warm (or cold if refrigerated before) for a very long time.

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